Watch This Whale’s Amazing Reaction to Being Saved From Certain Death

This footage is unbelievable. A whale watcher and conservationist, Michael Fishbach, along with his family and crew, came across a young humpback whale floating on the surface of the water while they were boating, and it appeared to be dead. They soon realized, however, that it was alive, but completely tangled in a fishing net. Unfortunately, sea creatures often become entangled in fisherman’s nets and die. They knew if they didn’t do anything, the young whale would soon drown.

A heroic battle ensued using one small knife, and the net that was trapping this frightened and massive creature was all caught on film — it is well worth watching. But this tale has an even more amazing twist — how the whale reacted when it was finally freed.

There are many instances of different animals showing their gratitude when humans have intervened in life-threatening situations. Perhaps the differences between animals and humans are not as marked as it appears. It appears that whales are also able to exhibit emotions.


A heroic battle with one small knife and the net that was trapping this frightened and massive creature was all caught on film, and is well worth watching. (Image: Screenshot from Youtube)

If you don’t have time to watch the entire 8-minute video, skip to 5:30 to watch the whale being freed, and then at 6:20, the magic begins. Share this video to help support saving the humpback whales, which are obviously sentient creatures that can demonstrate similar emotions and feelings to us.

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