‘Southern Weekend’ Resumes Publication: Police Stand Guard

Screen Shot of the Southern Weekend website.
Screen Shot of the Southern Weekend website.

Chinese newspaper Southern Weekend resumed publication on Jan 10, following a recent strike by journalists protesting against editorial interference. However, the newspaper’s latest edition made no mention of the strike incident.

For the past four days, police have been positioned outside Southern Weekend’s office, keeping protestors at a distance. Many protestors were forcefully removed from the area.

According to The Wall Street Journal, protestors unveiled slogans, with many onlookers staying to watch events unfold. A short time later, six men in two commercial vehicles arrived before wrestling protestors to the ground and taking them away. One protestor in a wheelchair was pulled down before being carried away by police. Another protestor screamed he was being kidnapped as he was taken away.

Police throughout China have been questioning Internet supporters and street protestors using a security check known as “drinking tea”. This is an interrogation method used by Chinese authorities to have suspects reveal information.

Supporters of Southern Weekend all over China have reportedly been arrested, monitored and tracked, including real estate trader Ren Zhiqiang, entrepreneur Li Kaifu and civil rights attorney Jiang Tianyong.

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