Taiwanese President Expresses His Love to His Wife

Happy Valentine's Day. (Image:  Llyn Hunter  via   flickr /  CC BY 2.0 )
Happy Valentine's Day. (Image: Llyn Hunter via flickr / CC BY 2.0 )

Ma Ying-jeou wishes all people who are in love a happy Valentine’s Day on Facebook. Ma Ying-jeou posted his Valentine’s Day expression to his wife on Facebook and gave his best wishes to everyone who has a thankful heart. A large number of people liked and praised this Valentine gift from Ma Ying-jeou to his wife.

Feb 14 is the traditional Valentine’s Day in Western countries. Ma Ying-jeou, the president of Taiwan, took this opportunity to express his love to his wife Christine Chow Ma (Christine Chow Mei-ching) and also wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.

Ma Ying jeou taiwanese president's valentine's wishes

Ma Ying-jeou, Taiwanese President. (Image: Prince Roy via flickr / CC BY 2.0 )

On Ma Ying-jeou’s Facebook page, he posted a funny photograph of him gobbling down a red bean cake, with his wife staring at him in disgust. The photo was taken in 2008 when Ma and his wife attended his presidential inauguration banquet.

Below the photograph there is the caption: “Why have I married such a person!” Ma Ying-jeou says that this photo is treasured by him and he thinks this represents happiness.

roses red flowers valentine

Roses for Valentine. (Image: Partha Sarathi Sahana via flickr / CC BY 2.0 )

He also wrote:

Politics and love

On Ma Ying-jeou’s Facebook page, there are numerous people leaving messages under his Valentine’s Day confession and more than 30,000 people have clicked the “thumbs up” button to show they like it.

Someone wrote:

Plenty of people in Mainland China have also praised this. An Internet user said in the microblog: Mr Ma Ying-jeou’s words left on Valentine’s Day are filled with a deep sense of love and humanity.


Translated by Lu Lu

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