China’s Ministry of Finance Sued by Fearless 82-Year-Old Woman

China’s Ministry of Finance sued by 82-year-old Wang Xiuying after her request to the Ministry of Finance to disclose relevant information on China’s assistance to North Korea was denied. The Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court accepted the case, and a hearing was scheduled for the afternoon of Oct. 8.

However, when Wang arrived at the court on Oct. 8, she was told the trial had been cancelled. Wang recently spent one year in a labor camp. She was sentenced to reeducation through labor because she intended to demonstration during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Ever since then, she has been publicly calling for the abolition of the labor camp system. Li Xuehui, who sued the Ministry of Finance together with Wang, told our reporter on Oct. 4 that he would act as her representative because of her poor eyesight.

Wang’s case is extremely sensitive, according to Li Xuehui.

According to a NetEase report in 2013, the aid that China provides to North Korea is as high as US$6 billion a year.

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