Viral Video: Kid Slaps Grandmother in Nanjing Subway

Over 3,000 Chinese netizens commented on this video of a young boy hitting his grandmother with a thermos on the metro in Nanjing.

Sina News reported that the child lost his temper while the woman was taking him home after school, and repeatedly slapped her with his water bottle. When she tried to stop him, the boy became angrier and also kicked her.

According to the article, the boy was unhappy about being nagged. The grandmother said that the child has been spoiled by his parents, and behaves like this at home too.

The boy’s parents were not seen in the video, but many Internet users blamed them, and also the one-child policy. Here are some of their comments:

“This is the future of China…”

“It is not just the one-child policy that caused this; it’s the whole education system. His parents have failed to instill him with good values.”

“How sad to see this. We need to teach children about good behavior from a young age.”

“Kids are like a blank sheet of paper; you can write anything on it.”

“Just too much. It’s not only the kid’s problem. The parents are at fault too. Without the parents’ permit or back-up, how can a kid have the guts to beat his own grandma? Just beyond comprehension.”

“The kid kicked his own grandma. When he grows up, he could do the same thing to his parents. If parents don’t give enough attention to this, they will regret the consequences in the future.”

“This kid will not live long.”

“It is not unlikely that someday he will kill his grandma.”

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