‘I’m my sister’s legs.’ Chinese Boy Carries Sick Sister to School for 7 Years

    Jianbo helps his sister get to school. (Screenshot/Tencent News)Jianbo massages his sister's legs to help manage her arthritis. (Screenshot/Tencent News)Jianbo studies at home. (Screenshot/WhatsOnXiamen)Jianbo with his sister and parents. (Screenshot/WhatsOnXiamen)

    A 14-year-old schoolboy in Shandong Province has been looking after his disabled sister for seven years, and even carrying her to school on his back, according to Tencent News.

    Ding Jianbo lives in Juye County with his sister Ding Jianhua, 16, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis seven years ago. Their parents both work 14 hours a day at a wood-processing factory to raise money for her medical care, so Ding Jianbo became the carer, massaging her legs every day and helping her get to school.

    “If not for her brother, she would just be in bed, and unable to go to school,” the children’s mother said.

    The school headteacher said that the pair are always the first students to arrive, and the last to leave, because the brother doesn’t want anyone to knock into his sister.

    “I’m my sister’s legs. I take her wherever she wants to go,” Jianbo said.

    When they get home from school, the first thing Jianbo does is set up their study desk. The family home has very little furniture, but there are lots of certificates on the wall because he studied hard and did well at school.

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