WATCH: Diary of a Chinese Cabbage Walker (Yes, People Really Do This!)

Next time you visit China, don’t be surprised if you see cabbages being taken for a walk by teenagers aka “cabbage patch kids.”

Performance artist Han Bing started the trend when he filmed this video over 10 years ago, making a playful statement about contemporary life, and people’s obsession with possessions.

For poor Chinese, the humble cabbage symbolizes sustenance and comfort, and having enough cabbages to make it through winter was once a sign of being well-off.

Han’s roaming cabbage on a leash aims to visually question so-called normality, and modern social values, just as wealthy Chinese pamper their pedigree pets, while poor people still struggle to subsist.

His message has literally traveled the world, including strolls in Japan, France, and the United States to spread the… cabbage. (I wonder how long a cabbage can be walked for before it loses its looks. Presumably a lot of cabbages died for this cause!)

‘Walking the Cabbage’ these days may have lost some of its original meaning, however, because many youngsters say they do it out of loneliness and depression, and to meet like-minded people, according to the Metro.

'Walking the Cabbage' (Weibo)

‘Walking the Cabbage’ (Weibo)

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