Ebola Does NOT Make You A Zombie Says China’s Xinhua News Service

(Screenshot from DeviantArt.com. Artwork © anonymoushamburger)
(Screenshot from DeviantArt.com. Artwork © anonymoushamburger)

In China, the belief that Ebola will reanimate its victims into flesh-eating zombies is so widespread that the nation’s main news service, state mouthpiece Xinhua, issued an article disputing such claims.

In fact: “After the Ebola virus infects the human body… the victim will become very weak… there is no power to attack others,” states the report. “Never say that people who are infected will become zombies and attack people, such a thing could only happen in the movies.”

China’s version of Wikipedia, Baike, actually lists “zombie disease” as a synonym to Ebola:

Screenshot of Baike, China's Wikipedia (translated with Google Chrome).

Screenshot of Baike, China’s Wikipedia (translated with Google Chrome).


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