Chappypie China Time: Bizarre Ancient Chinese Theme Park to Open in Australia

Want to go to ancient China, but don’t have a time machine? Just book a ticket to Australia.

A giant city called Chappypie China Time is planned for the state of New South Wales, and is being billed as an ancient China theme park. It’ll cost $500 million to build this Chinese-style Disneyland, filled with temples, tea houses, statues, roller coasters, and even a large forbidden city (don’t worry it’s not forbidden to paying guests).

More the artsy type? They also have you covered, with porcelain, bamboo, and carvings, which the video says will “overwhelm you with their oriental charm.” Apparently, the makers didn’t get the memo; the word “oriental” is a bit outdated and kind of offensive.

Not surprisingly, the local council is thrilled about the investment, which it thinks will boost tourism, and employment for locals. The developers are from Mainland China though, so let’s hope there aren’t any dodgy officials using their embezzled money backing the project!

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