CENSORED: Naked Tiger Birthday Card for Former Chinese Leader

Who's afraid of the naked tiger? Apparently Chinese netizens aren't. (weibo)

Jiang Zemin, China’s former leader who led ruthless campaigns against everything from business to human rights, was mocked on the Internet this week, when Chinese netizens posted a mocking birthday card to the former leader who turned 88 on Sunday.

Using Sina Weibo, netizens posted a card depicting a sheared tiger looking into a camera. The image implies that Zemin, once a big power in Chinese politics (a tiger if you will), is now without any power or allies. Jiang Zemin has spent much of his later years in isolation prompting one netizen to mock, “It’s Jiang’s birthday—who’s he going to spend it with?”

The tiger post was quickly deleted on Weibo, which is still heavily censored by the Chinese government, but Freeweibo a website that collects all things deleted from Weibo had it as a top search term this week.

jiang tiger

So, who’s a naked tiger now, eh? Chinese citizens are being censored for mocking ex-leader, Jiang Zemin (Weibo)

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