GoPro Magic: Diving Up Close With Manta Rays in Maui

Chris Cilfone dives in the waters off Maui, Hawaii and discovers a school of giant oceanic manta rays. Chris just published this today, he must be so pleased with that dive and footage. Some shots you can see right into the manta’s giant mouth hole. Eek!

Oh and by the way, “They can be up to 25 feet in length and weight as much as 3,000 pounds,” according to this handy Facts About Manta Rays website, (it’s a fascinating site actually).

BUT! “There are myths that the manta ray will consume people but they are false. These are very gentle creatures that are able to get close to humans without harming them.” Phew.

The only thing bigger out there in the ocean are whales and sharks (who eat manta rays for lunch).


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