Most Dangerous Animal Isn’t a Lion, Tiger, or Bear

So who gets the deadliest prize? The mosquito. (Wikipedia)
So who gets the deadliest prize? The mosquito. (Wikipedia)

Even with the popularity of shark week, statistically speaking, sharks only kill about 10 humans per year. That is nothing compared to the fresh water snail that kills 10,000 humans a year, which is 10x how many humans an elephant kills.

While a lion kills 100 people a year, humans kill 450,000 other humans each year, which puts us in second place for world’s most deadly animal.

The top spot for deadliest animal goes to none other than the mosquito, which kills 750,000 people a year, and is perhaps also in the top spot for most annoying animal of all time.

animals who killed the most

Are you surprised? (Image: Flowing Data)

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