Too Noisy to Watch TV: Kid Severs Worker’s Safety Rope in China

    Liu was hanging in the air for about 40 minutes. ( severed safety rope. ( was rescued by firemen. (

    A construction worker in Guizhou Province is lucky to be alive after a boy decided to cut his safety rope because “the drilling sound was too noisy to watch my cartoon.”

    The unfortunate man, surnamed Liu, was using a drilling rig off the 8th floor at a site in Guiyang when he suddenly felt his safety rope shaking. He looked down, and saw the 10-year-old boy cutting it with a knife.

    Liu shouted out to him to stop, but the boy continued, so he called over to his colleagues for help.

    He hung in mid-air for over 40 minutes, until local firemen were able to rescue him, according to

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