Doraemon’s Backwards Birthday! Fans Celebrate 98 Years BEFORE His Birth

Doraemon had his -98th birthday on Sept 3 this year. (

Recently, beloved Japanese cartoon cat Doraemon celebrated his -98th birthday, yes -98, because his birthday is September 3, 2112. The story should be familiar to the many who grew up fans of the Doraemon manga and anime series.

Doraemon was sent back in time from the 22nd century. He was given the mission to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi, known as “the worst ancestor in the Nobi family.” Doraemon’s job was to help Nobita become successful, and change the fate of the Nobi family line.

Doraemon’s misadventures with Nobita were the source of many wonderful stories. Whether hilarious, touching, happy, or sad, they let us taste the many flavors of life.

Look at the slides below, 10 lessons from Doraemon, to see lessons on life we can all learn from Doraemon.

Hope you can get as much out of Doraemon as he did.

Weight: 129.3 Kg
Height: 129.3 cm
Head Circumference: 129.3 cm
Chest Circumference: 129.3 cm
Waist Circumference: 129.3 cm
Hip Circumference: 129.3 cm
Sitting Height: 100 cm
Power: 129.3 hp
Jumping height when seeing a rat: 129.3 cm
Escaping Speed when seeing a rat: 129.3 km/h
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