Have You Ever Seen Bus Stops Like These?

    1. The bus stop where you can stand at a high place. Maybe it is to make it convenient to see whether the bus is coming. (Image: Secret China)2. This one is more like a small house. (Image: Secret China)3. Fruit-shaped bus stops. (Image: Secret China)4. This one is just too abstract. What is the designer trying to tell us? (Image: Secret China)5. Hope this bus stop will not be blown down by the wind. (Image: Secret China)6. So suitable for skateboarding. (Image: Secret China)7. Two sausages? (Image: Secret China)8. Not a very efficient fireplace.. (Image: Secret China)Shark’s mouth bus stop. (Image: Secret China)10. About to have a party? (Image: Secret China)11. Interesting houses, interesting bus stops. (Image: Secret China)12. A mysterious bus stop. Is it foretelling the coming of E.T.? (Image: Secret China)13. Talk about lounging around. (Image: Secret China)14. Incredible edges and corners. So cool. (Image: Secret China)

    Bus stops reflect the image of a city; thus, many governments spend large amounts of money designing special and distinctive bus stops. Which one is the best? Look at these unique bus stops from around the world and decide for yourself!

    You will definitely NOT feel bored if you are waiting for a bus at any of these stops!

    Research: Jane Tseng

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