Look! Funky Pikachu Bike Appears in Shanghai

    A strange scene in the bike parking lot. (Weibo.com)The Pikachu bicycle is locked like all the others. (Weibo.com)The owner of the Pikachu bike shows up. (Weibo.com)He's wearing a Pikachu costume to match the bike. (Weibo.com)Riding his Pikachu bike just like all the other students. (Weibo.com)

    A blogger took these weird photos at Shanghai University: First he saw what looked like a kiddie ride machine in the bike parking lot. Then he saw the owner of the bike riding it on the street.

    He posted the two sets of images on Sina Weibo, and they got shared over 10,000 times in one day.

    Some other netizens worked out that the bike belonged to a Japanese student. He made this unique vehicle himself, inspired by the cute Pokemon cartoon character Pikachu.


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