Top 10 List of Hottest Travel Destinations in the World for 2014 (Photos)

    #10. Norway. This is the Reine in Lofoten, Northern Norway. (Petr Šmerkl, Wikipedia)#9. Greece. This is the fabulous Santorini. ( Ecuador. Diverse scenery from beautiful beaches, to high mountains are all here waiting for the adventurous souls. ( Australia. Sydney Harbour at dusk. ( 6. Croatia. Old Europe charm, Greece-like beaches, Hungary-like prices. ( Kong, the island city. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)#4. Hungary. This gorgeous place is in Budapest. The best of Europe without the price tag. ( Indonesia. This is a shot of a beach in Bali. It's a tropical island wonderland. ( Chile. The south American nation has a very diverse landscape. This is the Atacama.desert, part of Chile. ( #1. New Zealand. That dreamy far away country we can't stop hoping to go to one day. This is Tekapo Lake in the South Island. (

    There are two Top 10 Places in the World to visit lists, just to be clear. This list (from Virtuoso) reveals the countries seeing the biggest tourist growth, that is, more people than ever are flocking to their ‘shores’ in 2014. Can you guess who won?

    Stay posted for the other list, an ultimate list of the Top 10 Favorites Destinations in the World to visit, the places most people dream of, and most tourists flock to.

    UPDATE: Here it is: TOP 10 Countries!

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