‘Lost in China with the Hutchens Brothers: The Silk Road.’ (Video)

This is The Silk Road episode of a six part series by National Geographic, “Lost in China With the Hutchens Brothers.” The other episodes are The Three Gorges Dam, Ice City, Going Local, Beijing Boom, and Kicked Out of Gansu.

What do you think? Do Peter and Jeff, the two brothers who grew up in China, “get” modern China? The Beijing episode has me seriously thinking they don’t, but the series as a whole is great. Awesome journey showing us the incredibly diverse land and life of China.

“Whether it’s a round of pick-up basketball with Tibetan herdsmen, a synthesized dance party outside traditional Kyrgyz yurts or a mobile phone-wielding camel guide in the desert, the boys uniquely capture the old China blending in with the new,” explains National Georgraphic.

In this episode: “They begin their China journey in China’s westernmost province, Xinjiang… Populated by locals known as Uyghars… On the Silk Road, the brothers buy silks, hunt for precious white jade, ride a camel caravan through the desert, and play a version of polo with a goats head. They’ll do all of this to understand the traditional and modern way of life of the Uyghar people.”

If you want to understand the actual political situation of Xinjiang, and the pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), here’s an article by Ethan Gutman in the Weekly Standard exposing crimes against humanity, killing for human organs by the CCP in the region paints a very different picture, a shocking blood red one.

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