Blocked on Weibo: This Shocking Image of a Polluted River in Tibet

This is a cropped version of the full image of a heavily polluted river in Tibet #CensoredToday by Chinese authorities. (Image: HKU)

If local Chinese officials are blaming a “natural hazard” for this contaminated river in Lhasa, then why is the photo (full image below) being censored online?


This image was #CensoredToday on Weibo by Chinese authorities. (Image: HKU)

The water in Tashigang Township has become undrinkable for villagers, and also harmful to livestock, and crops. In many places, even grass no longer grows for harvesting hay.

People’s livelihoods have been severely affected, but nothing happens when they report the issue to the relevant departments, according to the censored blog post.

Research by Cecilia.

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