What the!? The U.S., Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State (Video)

Confused by the crisis in the Middle East and who is the ultra-violent Islamic State (IS)?

To most of us it’s about as clear as mud. Just as knotty to understand is Washington’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy with a dismal human rights record. What’s more many believe the Saudis covertly use the IS for their own agenda.

Prying it open and you’re sure to find a can of worms.

Ali Al-Ahmed, an expert on Saudi political affairs, does his best to explain some of those worms to The Real News Network in the video post above.

Al-Ahmed’s resume reads solid, he’s no wacko but what he says is pretty confronting.

Some of his points are below:

  • Saudi Arabia is the godfather of IS and other terror groups in Syria and in Iraq
  • IS’s actions are in correlation to Saudi foreign policy in regards to Syria and Iraq
  • Saudi foreign policy is driven by one thing – the survival of the country’s monarchy
  • Saudi Arabia is managing a dual policy of supporting IS and the U.S. at the same time
  • Any IS rhetoric against the Saudis for joining the U.S. fight against it is only talk
  • Personal financial relationships between certain U.S. officials and Saudi Arabia has helped create the current situation
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