A Hurricane or a Typhoon or a Cyclone? (Video)

Is it a hurricane or a typhoon or a cyclone? Actually they’re three different names for the same thing, it just differs in what location they’re in and where you come from. So in other words it’s just regionally specific.

In the North West Pacific they get called typhoons while they’re a cyclone in the South Pacific and Indian oceans. Hurricane is the term used in the North East Pacific and the Atlantic.

Either way they’re monster storms and they’re seasonal to varying degrees.

Currently there’s a typhoon on its way towards Japan which is currently rated as a category five, the most destructive. Called super typhoon Vongfong it’s expected to hit Japan by the weekend.

Let’s hope it runs out of puff by the time it gets there.

See the video above for an overview of how these huge storms come into being.

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