Stress Is Actually Good For You

stress, geny
(Image: Amy McTigue via Compfight cc )

Feeling stressed?

It turns out that Gen Y is considered the most stressed generation.  How much do you really know about stress though? For instance, consider these misconceptions:

Misconception 1: Stress is caused by too much work

It turns out that not having work can be just as stressful as having too much work. Boredom is stressful. Don’t we already know that? After all, we are generally always eye deep in some sort of device.

Misconception 2: Stress is always bad

Not necessarily. Researchers say it’s really about how you view stress, and if we can start to rethink stress as nontoxic we can see it as a way to engage with life rather than avoid it.

Misconception 3: Stress is always unhealthy

Stress can actually keep us healthier, if we have the right perception. Basically, if you think stress is causing you health problems it will influence your health.

The moral of the story is, while you may not be able to change stress, you can definitely change the way you think about it.


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