Angels Were Playing, Says Boston Audience Stunned by Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra (Photos)

    On Oct. 4, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra started its tour this year at Boston Symphony Hall, and received warm praise from the audience, such as Music can play a very dramatic role in shaping our world-view and in creating the narrative and image we use to define ourselves, our cultures, and our very existence. (Image: Edward Dai/Epoch Times)Tian Ge, a tenor soloist with Shen Yun Performing Arts, sang. He was the winner of the Northern California Olympic Art Festival Singing Competition in 1998, and received the Best Musician Award of Armstrong Atlantic State University. In 2008 and 2010, he won the silver medal in New Tang Dynasty Television's Global Chinese Vocal Competition, men's division. (Image: Edward Dai/Epoch Times)Music is said to make invisible realms visible. (Image: Edward Dai / Epoch Times)Shen Yun's soprano soloist Min Jiang sang at the concert. (Image: Edward Dai/Epoch Times)Haolan Geng is a soprano soloist with Shen Yun Performing Arts. She won the gold medal at the first music competition of the Guangdong Festival of Arts, professional division, and in the New Tang Dynasty Television’s third International Chinese Vocal Competition. (Image: Edward Dai/Epoch Times)A trumpet trio, representing the brass. (Image: Edward Dai/Epoch Times)

    A feast of music, blending East and West, was successfully presented by the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at the landmark Boston Symphony Hall on Oct. 4, moving the audience to tears, and receiving a 10-minute standing ovation.

    “It took away all the negative news that we get and brought you into a place that was just enjoyable,” said Mr. Bowes, a regular patron of the Boston Symphony Hall. Mr. Keyes, a violinist, said the performance left  peaceful images in his mind: “From water, and a field, and grasses, and apple blossoms, and cherry blossoms, just a natural kind of beauty that I have in my mind as I close my eyes and listen to the music.”

    Ms. MacGillivray said:

    This is the music played by angels!

    Last year, my friends and I made our plans too late, and there were no tickets left. This year, luckily for us, the Shen Yun Orchestra is playing in Chicago. As you can imagine, we just can’t wait for the night!

    If you’re interested in attending a performance, check upcoming venues at their website. Also, Shen Yun will have another global tour soon of its dance companies. Don’t miss out!



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