Wacky or Wonderful? Could This Be the Weirdest Hotel in the World?

Believe it or not, the architects responsible for this hotel said they had classic Chinese values in mind when they designed it.

Well, they were definitely thinking about wealth, that’s for sure!

Named the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, this 318-foot-tall orb near the heart of Beijing symbolizes the rising sun, and the country’s rapidly growing economy. Its entrance is shaped like a fish mouth, which represents prosperity. Seen from the side, the hotel looks like a scallop, indicating fortune.

On the outside are over 10,000 glass panels that reflect the sky, lake, and nearby mountain. There are also LEDs powered by hydroelectricity to create a nighttime spectacle.

The unique venue, which has 21 floors and 306 guest suites, is set to open mid-November.


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