Facial Features Tell Your Character

Facial features tell if you're strong-willed or not. (Image: SplitShire/Pixabay)
Facial features tell if you're strong-willed or not. (Image: SplitShire/Pixabay)

If you want to know whether a person has a strong will or not, you can tell by looking at his or her face.

The following facial features reflect a strong-willed person.

1. Big and bright eyes

An analysis of facial features starts from the eyes. Big and bright eyes show strong will power. This kind of person marches forward with a steady pace, and has courage and persistence no matter what difficulties he or she encounters.

 2. Straight and full nose

Successful entrepreneurs have a variety of noses. Many have a tall and straight nose that is fleshy and not bony. These people most likely come from a decent and wealthy family. People with this type of nose are very decisive and show perseverance.

3. Upward, bushy, and thick eyebrows

People with thick upward eyebrows, especially men, are very masculine. They are straightforward, and never messy or sloppy.

4. Thick hair

People with thick hair are hard working and can endure hardships. They tend to have good judgment and keen observation. However, in real life, they like to be loners.

Translated by Yi Ming



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