Even the Traffic Lights Are Calling for Democracy in Hong Kong

These creative labeled traffic lights with pattern and words appear in HK (Screenshot/on.cc)

The bar on creativity just got raised even higher in Hong Kong with a cool new meme added to the pro-democracy protests.

These traffic lights on Island Canal Road West and Leighton Road briefly became part of the action early on Oct. 26, after someone modified the red light to say “republic,” and the green one to “true.”

The yellow light was of course turned into an umbrella

So Hong Kongers are moving from being controlled by the “republic” via the Umbrella Revolution towards “true” democracy.

The artist responsible was interviewed by Apple Daily, and said the spirit of his creation expresses the expectation that true democracy will “get the green light.”

However, the police didn’t find the art installation amusing, and the labels were removed that afternoon.


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