How Much Do iLove Thee? Let Me Count the Smartphones

A love-heart made of 99 iPhone 6's. (Screenshot/Tencent News)
A love-heart made of 99 iPhone 6's. (Screenshot/Tencent News)

Singles’ Day is fast approaching in China, and inspired one young man to propose in an extremely expensive and high-tech way.

Guanggun Jie is celebrated on Nov. 11 because the date contains four ones. It started out as an anti-Valentine’s Day for young singles to celebrate, but has turned into the world’s biggest online shopping day.

A Guangzhou bachelor beat the rush by purchasing 99 16GB iPhone 6 for 600,000 yuan (about $98,000) to propose to a female colleague. It took him two years to save up the money, according to Tencent News.

He stacked the boxes three rows high in the shape of a heart, and declared his love with a bouquet of roses.

Unfortunately the lady wasn’t impressed by the romantic gesture, and simply said:

Um… You’re putting a lot of pressure on me.

Apparently she hasn’t given him a definite answer yet, but it looks like he’ll still be single on Nov. 11!

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