Chinese Tycoon Proposes to Taiwan Supermodel by Chartering a Plane

    The rich man proposing in front of a plane. (Image: message says: Sitting inside the airplane, waiting for Lin Chi-ling perhaps? (Image: message in Southern Entertainment magazine:

    Some people think money can buy everything…

    These photos of a super-rich man in China just went viral, and have been triggering heated discussions among bloggers. Some called it “the most filthy proposal ever!”

    The images were posted on Oct. 10, just before Singles’ Day, and show the man apparently proposing to Taiwan supermodel, Lin Chi-ling, in front of a plane. The words on the fuselage say:

    I want everyone to know I chartered this plane for you, Chi-ling. How about a date on Nov. 13?

    The stunt is said to be a response to Lin Chi-ling’s message in the Southern Entertainment magazine on Nov. 3: “The world is so small, but I always believe you’re there waiting for me. To share simple pleasures, Nov. 13, waiting for you.”

    But isn’t it just some sort of mysterious advert? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next!





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