Hungry, but on a Diet? These 9 Low-Cal Late Night Snacks Are the Answer

    Yogurt can stimulate intestinal activity, and relieve constipation, and it helps to improve your immune system. (Image: Meng He/Flickr)The theobromine in dark chocolate has anti-depression effects to elevate your mood. (Image: Andreas Levers/Flickr)Eating cereal piece by piece can enhance your feeling full, and prevent you from consuming too many calories. (Image: Brian/Flickr)Winter is the season for hot baked sweet potatoes! 100 g sweet potatoes only have around 100 kcal. (Image: Kanko*/Flickr)Of course, nuts are not a low-cal food, but they provide many nutrients good for your health, as long as you don't eat them in moderation. (Image: s58y/Flickr)Dried fruits have various vitamins and nutrients. They're a natural and convenient snack. (Image:

    Do you realize your appetite increases as winter comes on? Are you struggling these days with late-night snacks because you are on a diet? Here are 9 low-cal snacks that will help you stay on track.

    1. Sugar-free yogurt

    Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium. It stimulates intestinal activity and relieves constipation, and also helps to improve your immune system.

    2. Dark chocolate

    The theobromine in dark chocolate has anti-depression effects to elevate your mood. Dark chocolate containing more than 75% cocoa is recommended.

    3. Cereal

    Eating cereal dry, you can taste the naturally sweet flavor. Eating it piece by piece can enhance your feeling full, and prevent you from consuming too many calories.

    4. Whole-grain porridge/brown rice porridge

    Wash brown rice or other grains, and soak in water for a while before cooking. Add sea salt or brown sugar for extra flavor. In addition, instant porridge can be convenient and tasty. For healthy instant porridge, try to avoid those with cream.

    5. Puffed rice

    If you like crispy cookies, low-cal puffed rice rather than potato chips are a healthier alternative. Two small packs of puffed rice with a cup of hot green tea are just perfect for cold winter days!

    6. Baked sweet potatoes

    Winter is the season for hot baked sweet potatoes! 100g sweet potatoes only have around 100 kcal. They can help you feel full so you eat less.

    7. Black fungus drink

    Black fungi contain a high level of dietary fiber and iron. For people who often stay up late, adding some date palm sugar and wolfberries can help eliminate fatigue.

    8. Nuts

    Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Of course, nuts aren’t a low-cal food, but they provide many nutrients good for health if eaten in moderation.

    9. Dried fruits

    Dried fruits have various vitamins and nutrients. They are a natural and convenient snack. But remember not to eat those with additional oil or sugar added.


    Research by Amanda Ho & Lulu. 


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