Ahhh Black Friday, You Either Love It or Hate It, But Should It Go Global?

Black Friday is America’s busiest shopping day of the year and it turns some folks into maniacs.

In 2008 one Walmart employee was trampled to death by frenzied shoppers. That’s just one horror story.

According to the website Black Friday Death Count there have been seven deaths and 90 injuries attributed to a day that’s meant to be about bargain shopping.

It brings out the worst in some us. The day before, Thanksgiving, tends to bring out the best.

During this year’s Black Friday you’ll probably see workers protesting outside Walmart stores for better pay and conditions.

But increasingly Black Friday is going global and the UK’s supermarket chain Sainsbury will this year be going into Black Friday mode big time.

Parts of Latin America are getting into the whole idea while many Canadians make cross border trips to take advantage of the sales. Meanwhile online retailers and high-end department stores have been pushing the whole concept in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Apparently Alibaba is also bringing Black Friday to China.

Do you think this part of American ‘culture’ should go global?

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