Witness Jimmy Kimmel in an Epic Bathroom Battle Over a Handsome Tie

One of our favorite late night TV hosts gets caught up over some petty issue. He doesn’t just get caught up, the altercation turns into a butt-kicking bathroom brawl.

Hard to believe a little argument over a tie can explode into a bathroom door breaking beat ’em-up. And look at how, throughout the whole thing, no one gets a wrinkle in their suit or a scratch on their skin.

Freddie Wong and Jimmy Kimmel fight over necktie insults.

Freddie Wong is Jimmy’s opponent in the vid. Freddie Wong and his brother Jimmy Wong are both big guys on YouTube. Freddie is known for pushing quality long-form content on YouTube with his web series. Though needless to say, he has skill in quality short-form content too.

Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump. (Image: Freddie_Wong_(2012).jpg . Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Actually, YouTube is partnering with Wong and other YouTube content creators like him to compete with Netflix and Amazon.

I’d say they’re onto something. This man bleeds quality.

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