15 Facts About Taiwan You Probably Don’t Know (Video)

Here are several unusual things that you might not know about the beautiful island of Taiwan:

  1. The village of UFO houses was abandoned due to a series of accidents
  2. Garbage trucks play music like icecream trucks
  3. 7-Elevens are everywhere
  4. There are 14 Aboriginal tribes
  5. Which European country is Taiwan slightly larger than?
  6. There’s a “strawberry generation”
  7. Interesting facts on fertility rates
  8. It has another name in Portuguese
  9. It’s also called the “Butterfly Kingdom”
  10. The National Palace Museum’s collection span’s 8,000 years of history
  11. Designated areas for women in the subway
  12. Every afternoon in summer there’s a downpour
  13. There’s a place called Snake Alley
  14. People prefer speaking Taiwanese or Hakka to Mandarin
  15. There’s a restaurant themed on the toilet





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