Did 62-Year-Old Mickey Rourke Defeat a 29-Year-Old in the Boxing Ring?

Mickey Rourke’s career has fluctuated between acting, boxing, and some combination of both, where he’s appeared as a boxer or other type of fighter on film. His most successful role was as a comeback wrestler in the 2008 film, The Wrestler:

As a boxer in the 60s and 70s, Rourke had a very decent record of 27 wins and 3 losses. He returned to the ring in the 90s to add another 6 wins and 2 draws to his record. Whether or not some of those matches were stunts like this, he has experience in the boxing ring nonetheless.

The organizers of the event have not admitted the fight was staged, but you can make your own judgement about that. Rourke was scheduled for more fights on his comeback tour. I wonder if this is leading to some upcoming boxing film he’s working on.

If the acting in the film is going to be as bad as the acting here in the real boxing ring, then maybe he’s lost it in both arenas.

What also hurt the stunt is that the boxer who threw the fight still claims it was real, and still says he didn’t fully get paid.

If this is a real fight as the organizers claim, then they hand-picked the easiest fighter for Rourke to beat, one that gets winded by just being on his feet, and feels the blows of punches not even thrown.

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