Why Do We Still Allow Chicken Factory Farms? This Factory Farmer Speaks Out (Disturbing Video)

This is the story of chicken factory farms, a story hidden from the public, as such farms are notoriously off limits to anyone outside the industry.

Craig Watts, a contract poultry producer who has raised chickens for 22 years for Perdue, one of the America’s largest chicken suppliers, invited Leah Garces from Compassion in World Farming to see what happens at these factory farms.

The enclosed sheds house 30,000 chickens, and although they aren’t in cages, they can barely move.

Watts is even bound by contract not to allow the chickens to have any sunlight or fresh air.

The biggest losses are in the first week and the last week, where on average over 1,000 chickens from each flock die from illness, genetic defects, and injuries.

Chicken manure is extremely strong and burns the feathers off the breasts of the birds, which are constantly laying down because of their weight and deformities.

In spite of this, Craig’s chickens are USDA Process Certified, meaning they are supposed to be raised cage free, have an all vegetarian diet, no animal by-products, no antibiotics ever, and are humanely raised.

This video shows the public is being lied to and cheated. Watts says: “I can’t speak for a chicken. All I can say is what I observer. And, uh no, they’re not happy… and they’re definitely not healthy.’

As for reforming the industry, Watts says: “I think it’s almost going to have to be a start over. I think we’re past the rewind button here.”

If you would like to see this intolerable situation change, go to Comapssion in world farming.


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