U.S. Hostage Killed During Failed Rescue Attempt

Al-Queda kidnap victim and U.S. journalist Luke Somers was held hostage in Yemen for over a year but was killed early on Saturday during a failed rescue attempt by 40 U.S. special forces.

It’s believed that the militants killed Somers and another hostage, 56-year-old South African teacher Pierre Korkie, before the special forces could get to them.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told media outlets that the raid was given the green light because:

‘There were compelling reasons to believe Mr. Somers’ life was in imminent danger.’

There was an earlier U.S. special forces raid in November, where a number of hostages were rescued but Somers was not among them.

Better Options?

With the number of public executions by terror groups abroad growing, it does make sense that the U.S. would want to do their best to try and help captured American citizens.

In fact, many other countries actually pay the terror groups which only adds to their monetary resources to further harm the United States and other countries.

Without the option to pay these terror groups, and with doing nothing also being something that’s unacceptable to the American public what choice does the U.S. have?

It would be easy to find fault with this risky plan, since of course it didn’t work and went terribly wrong, so then it becomes a question of what should nations do when they are put in this situation.

What action can they take?

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