Qatar: The Super Rich Country That’s a Nightmare for Migrant Workers (Video)

Well made documentaries and reports about human rights abuses are often hard to watch given their subject matter. But obviously they’re important as they shine lights on things that need to change.

In this ten minute report by The Guardian, they investigate the fate of  Nepalese migrant laborers who work in Qatar’s booming construction industry which is in preparation mode for the 2022 world cup.

Nepalese make up the highest numbers of migrant workers in the small Gulf state but they’re also the lowest paid. They have zero rights. In the worst cases they end up being forced labor. Options for these men are few and their living conditions in labor camps is appalling. Some even die.

“Each month dozens of young Nepalese migrant workers are returning home in coffins,” says the report.

In many cases the workers are not paid, despite the fact that Qatar is now one of the richest countries in the world thanks to its supply of oil. The only thing that the report doesn’t explain is why these human rights abuses are occurring in this country.

Something is so very, very wrong in Qatar.

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