A 3D Printing Pen? You Can Draw in the Air? Give Me One!

This is a tool for the year 2099. A pen that you don’t need paper to write with. You can draw in any direction and create amazing art.

If I had one of these, I’d write my name in 3D everywhere. I’d leave 3D doodles and 3D graffiti in restaurants, at parties, and on train seats.

There’s really a 3D pen you don’t need paper to draw with.

Well, maybe I don’t have a compelling need for a pen that draws in 3D yet. It’s not like I need it to write articles. But I am sure there are plenty of artsy folks among you who are salivating at the sight. It might be nice for writing poetry in the park. It looks like it can adhere to any surface.

If you think that video was awesome, head to their even more awesomely designed website to learn more.

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