Singer Brings Beautiful Message for International Human Rights Day

Collections of musicians and singers came out for a concert in celebration of human rights day.

The concert was held in Flushing, right there at the edge of New York City. Among the speakers and ethnic performers was a group highlighting a terrible human rights issue through their beautiful music.

Katy Mantyk and Nemo sung about people having their organs stolen in China. They use music to carry the message. They sang how people are put into prisons because of their faith, since the Chinese government does not allow free practice of all religions. And bans them at whim. Or jails them at whim.

Will music move people to act on human rights issues?


What the government then does is use these imprisoned people as a quick source of organs for people willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a new heart, kidney, etc. Basically, these people are killed on demand. Their bodies are treated as something to pick apart and sell the pieces.

It’s an issue which we all should be aware of. It’s great that this group has dedicated a performance to exposing and bringing awareness to a huge international crime.


Try to stay away from China if you ever need an organ transplant.

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