These Top 10 Countries to Travel Can Shut Up and Take My Money, Because… (Photos)

    ITALY: The #1 travel destination in the world, also one of the more expensive to travel. This is the incredible coastal town of Cinque Terre. (Pixabay)UNITED KINGDOM: The # 2 travel destination in the world. The U.K. includes England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This is the Isle of Sky in Scotland. Those who have traveled to Scotland always rave about it and pine to go back. The U.K. is drenched in fascinating history, scattered with ancient castles and green rolling hills, and a friendly old pub on every corner. (Pixabay)FRANCE: The # 3 most popular place in the world to travel. This is a view across Paris with the famous Sacre Coeur basilica in the background, in the old part of the city, Montmatre. Le sigh. (Pixabay)CANADA: The #4 favorite place in the world for travelers. This place is all about gorgeous scenery, outdoors, wildlife, mountains, snow. You'll get your nature fix. This photo is in Banff National Park. (Pixabay)SPAIN: The # 5 travel destination on the planet. Trying to pick a photo for this was so hard, everywhere, everything in Spain looks gorgeous. This is the Alhambra Pavillion. (Pixabay)GERMANY: The # 6 most popular tourist spot. European and Dutchy, it's got enough culture, castles, and beer for all. This pretty city is Speyer. (Pixabay)MEXICO: At #7 in the Top 10 countries people love to travel. Mexico is a rich experience, with beautiful beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, historic cities and architecture, great food, and lovely people. Arriba! (Pixabay) SOUTH AFRICA: # 8 on the Top 10 countries people travel to. This lion sums up South Africa nicely-it's handsome, exotic, rugged, beautiful, wild, and sunkissed. Here's where you'll head out on safari from, wild animals and wild coastline-a lifetime experience. (Pixabay)NETHERLANDS: # 9 destination in the world. This is a view of Amsterdam, full of canals, boats, bikes, cafes, and culture. Amsterdam is always a favorite memory from Europe trips. The Netherlands is all about colorful tulips, windmills, cheese, cows, farms, old-world traditions. (Pixabay)GREECE: # 10 top destination...last but most definitely not least. This place is everything you hope it will be. Maybe the best looking place on earth, a combination of crystal turquoise waters, white beaches, golden sun, and the Grecian's art of reflecting nature in their architecture, and contrasting the colors of the ocean and sky all around them. Then there is the history and ancient architecture. Shut up and take my money Greece. (Pixabay)

    Numbers don’t lie. According to Virtuoso, these are the Top 10 Travel Destinations in the world. Have you been to any yet? I have five of these hotties stamped in my passport, but I spent far too little time in each.

    If I could, I’d go back to France (despite having been twice) and Spain…they feel, taste, and look so good to me. But, this time I’d have my little preciosos to share it with. Even better.

    Next on my list is Greece. It’s always been on my list, since I first listened to my dad’s Greek music tape in the van on the way to camping…somehow that sparked it for me. Plus, turquoise water, white plaster houses, and Athens, that’s just perfection.

    Greece beach

    On the beach in Greece. Yes please. (Pixabay)

    Here in the U.S. winter is setting in, as well as hibernation instincts, and it’s right about now our minds start to wander to warmer, brighter places.

    So, how about you? Where do you dream of traveling next? Let me know in the comments. I vow to research and write about any country or place you highly recommend. Or, if you’ve already been, tell me which is your favorite of these Top 10 countries.

    Your travel tip-off may just be the beginning of a beautiful journey for someone in the new year.

    Oh, and you might like to find out what are the rising hottest Top 10 Travel destinations in 2014…the places quickly getting popular, especially  countries in Central Europe, and New Zealand. Here’s the link.

     These top 10 countries can just shut up and take my money, because…



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