Toys of War: Childhood in South Sudan (Video)

Many of the Nuban people have been forced to flee their homes and find refuge in the Yida refugee camp, South Sudan.

It’s a place where finding a decent meal or a comfortable place to sleep is unlikely but at least it’s safe from war.

It’s also a place where children have found ways to make life a bit more normal.

Like it was back where they came from – the Nuba Mountains.

As shown by the above video made by Andrew Berends, the children make their life better with homemade toys made from clay or other materials.

Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Many of these children have experienced unmistakable tragedy with their parents being killed. Many have nowhere to go, but their resilience  is astounding.

It also makes me feel as though the human experience isn’t measured by the amount things you have but by how you value and enrich what you do have.

Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Image: Screenshot/Youtube

Let’s hope one day they get to return the their homes in the mountains.

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