What Happens as This Cyclist Gets Run Over by a Truck Is Incredible

This clip is one of those videos you have to see to believe.

A man on a bicycle went under the cab of a heavy-duty truck as it turned at a busy junction in Ningbo in East China’s Zhejiang Province.

The truck carried on as if the driver didn’t even notice, but what’s far more amazing is that none of its wheels went over the man, and he survived with only minor injuries.

The whole incident was captured on surveillance cameras. Police commented later that the driver was at fault for failing to notice the cyclist as he turned, presumably because he was in the driver’s blind spot.

Netizens commented on the cyclist’s amazing good fortune:

  • The first thing he should do is go home and kowtow to Buddha for saving his life.
  • If God gives you a second chance at life, it’s for you to do good things.

After narrowly escaping death like this, you’d have to reconsider your whole life.

Research by Mona

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