Policeman Beats Female Worker to Death Over Wage Claim

The burly policeman stood on Zhou's hair, accusing her of pretending to play dead. (Screenshot/Youku)
The burly policeman stood on Zhou's hair, accusing her of pretending to play dead. (Screenshot/Youku)

For many people, now is the time to welcome the new year full of hope and resolutions, but not for Chinese mother Xiuyun Zhou.

Xiuyun Zhou was a migrant worker from a village in Henan Province, according to CNNT. Together with her husband and son, she went to Taiyuan in Shanxi Province to work at a construction site. As the end of the year drew close, Zhou’s family and other fellow workers still hadn’t received their paychecks.

Kuilin Wang, Zhou’s son, went to the site with other workers on Dec. 13 to ask for their salaries, but the security staff wouldn’t let them in. The two parties broke into fight, and local police arrived to beat the workers and arrest them.

Zhou and her husband were worried about what might happen and rushed to the scene, but were immediately met with verbal abuse and beaten. Police handcuffed Zhou’s husband and son, and pushed them into the police car. One burly officer punched Zhou in the head, and kicked her to the ground. After she fell over, he accused her of pretending to be dead.

Witnesses told the reporter┬áthat the officer stood on Zhou’s hair while she was on the ground. She was then dragged into a police car, while being continually kicked and beaten. Zhou died after being detained at the police station for five hours, and her husband suffered four broken ribs during the violence.

A blogger commented on Sina Weibo:

The Communist Party claims China is a country ruled by law, but I still don’t understand what this law is.

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