BOOM! This Bungling (But Lucky) Thief Didn’t Expect That! (Video)

Well I hope this guy has learned his lesson because he’s certainly lucky he wasn’t badly injured.

Police in the Australian city of Darwin are now searching for him after his failed attempt to rob a cash machine by blowing it up.

And he DOES blow it up.

As the above CCTV video shows, he gave himself little time to light the explosive which was a tad too large for the job that he had in mind.

After the explosion threw him back onto his behind, the bungling thief quickly fled the scene barefoot, leaving behind his flip flops (called thongs in Australia).

What the Aussie cops are saying

“The machine is completely destroyed. You need a new machine in there,” duty superintendent Bob Harrison told the ABC.

“In relation to sophistication it wasn’t something that was done by somebody who had expertise.

“It looks as though some sort of gas was used to get into the machine.”

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