What’s Your Thought on Drones: Will They Be Used for Good or Evil?

How about this—miniature, fast, unmanned, non-human controlled micro air vehicles (MAV) that can fly in a cluttered environment UN-NOTICED?

The plan is to reduce the amount of processing power, communications, and human intervention needed for low-level tasks, such as navigation through a cluttered environment.

MAVs could enable missions that are not otherwise possible, such as reconnaissance in denied areas (for example, in a protected or structurally damaged building).

Well, that’s on the surface, but we all know they could be used for spying, targeted assassinations, or worse.

“Birds of prey and flying insects exhibit the kinds of capabilities we want for small UAV’s [unmanned aerial vehicles],” said Mark Micire, DARPA program manager.

The president has ordered 30,000 spy drones to be used within the United States to spy on Americans to be implemented by 2015. We are already seeing evidence of spy drones being used within the United States, and NOT for border patrol.

Here’s a 2-year-old video showing the capabilities of drones.

The following video shows how a drone can be used for good, using the capabilities mentioned above.

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