High School Girls Forced to Sell Virginity to Officials by Schoolmates

The school where the crime happened. (Image: Ccoo.cn)
The school where the crime happened. (Image: Ccoo.cn)

In this photo, Wuqi High School in Shaanxi Province looks like a normal school with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure—it’s hard to imagine such a horrible story could happen there.

Late last September, four sophomore girls with knives broke into the dorm of the first-year girls. They shoved five young girls into another room where they were abused and insulted by 14 older girls for eight hours til 6 a.m.

Three of them were forced to take off their clothes to check if they were virgins, and were photographed half-naked. The photos were kept to prevent the girls from telling their parents.

Two of the sophomores were later found to have very high balances in their bank accounts. One had 1.2 million yuan ($193,152), while the other had 800,000 yuan ($128,768). The money came from local business owners, who paid them to find beautiful young girls to “please” government officials as bribes for projects they wanted to advance.

Unfortunately incidents like this aren’t uncommon among businessmen in China.

One of the victim’s parents said: “The sophomores were examining if the girls were good enough to sell to local officials,” according to Sina News. The older ones told the girls that with each “transaction,” they could keep 2,000 yuan ($322), while the sophomores would get 3,000 yuan ($483).

The girls were too frightened to go back to school. They often have nightmares and wake up in the night.

Two suffered from perforated eardrums, and still have hearing problems.

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