Marvel Shrinks All Its Cinematic Aspirations in Making ‘Ant-Man’ Movie

Ant-Man is the next Marvel solo superhero to get a movie, but who made this decision? It doesn’t matter anymore! Marvel proved that it can pluck superheroes from obscurity and make them cinematic favorites. And that’s sure to impact comic sales and have people searching out all those rare and unique characters. There are plenty of obscure superheroes to pluck from the vast, constructed Marvel Comics universe.

Can Marvel bring another obscure superhero to cinematic stardom?

But Ant-Man has never seemed that type of character. He’s just been someone who was there, rather unimpressive. Maybe because he’s often in a shrunken state. But his microscopic stature balances out the bulk and mass that weighs down the Avengers team. I don’t really see what Marvel can do with this character to make him appealing to a larger audience beyond the comics. Ant-Man is a dwarf among hammer swinging, shield throwing, muscle popping Avengers.

But let’s give it a chance and learn more about Ant-Man:

The question becomes if Marvel can do here what they did with Guardians of the Galaxy. But the Guardians of the Galaxy were a quirky bunch. They were from various planets and alien races. They had what would naturally appeal to fans of science fiction. Not sure if Ant-Man will maintain that same appeal. Ant-Man is just one dude. He has wife problems. He can turn really small and communicate with ants. Kind of the opposite of the Hulk, and without the huge tantrum…except if you consider the domestic violence.

I’d speculate this will be Marvel’s first recent movie disappointment. It depends how serious they take the science part over the superhero part. If they concentrate on Ant-Man the superhero and explore his microscopic world, it’s bound to be fun and interesting, and there will be fun and creative places they can go with it. In that way, he can experience and explore what other superheroes can’t.


Ant-Man’s first costumed appearance in comics. (Image: “TTA-35” by

This movie will mark the end of Marvel’s Phase 2 lineup of interlocking film stories. It’s speculated to evolve a new Avengers team to tackle Marvel’s Phase 3 set of films. After all, Ant-Man was the founder of the Avengers and the unfortunate inventor of Ultron. You can’t talk about the Avengers without including Ant-Man, even if it’s 12 films and 6 years after the first Avengers related movie was released in 2008, with Iron Man. For better or for worse, Ant-Man had to enter the stage somewhere.

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