Blazers’ Damian Lillard Floats Over Defense, Embarrasses Lakers Again

Damian Lillard is not human. He’s not a superstar. He’s not even a playmaker. He’s just a guy that does what’s needed, and only if it’s needed to win. At this early in his career, he understands how to create impact on a team level. And he does it without a hint of selfishness or of pursuing solo accolades and individual reputation

Slicing up lackadaisical Lakers defenses for floating dunks is just an indicator of what Lillard is capable of, a warning to teams that he can turn on that 4th quarter force known as #LillardTime whenever he gets an itch. And the Lakers just took a 106-94 loss because of it.

He’s leads the league in 4th quarter scoring because he’s the man you can count on to turn it up. He’s happy to give up the ball, he’s happy to take the shot, he fits in and finds what’s needed.

Damian Lillard crushes arrogant NBA heavyweights with supernatural ease.

At 24, Damian Lillard has already established himself as a clutch finisher, especially after decimating the Houston Rockets on a 3-pointer in the first round of the playoffs last season. It was the first playoff win in 14 years for the Blazers. This is one of the most intense 4th quarter battles your likely to see:

We’ll be seeing the young Lillard throw up plenty more 4 quarter miracles. This is only his 3rd season, and will be his 2nd straight year pushing the Blazers to more playoff wins than they’ve seen since the days of Scottie Pippin and Clyde Drexler.


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