How This Disabled Girl Successfully Started Her Own Business Is Incredible

Guo controls her computer using only her nose and chin. (Image:
Guo controls her computer using only her nose and chin. (Image:

This hard-working girl’s way of using her computer is unique, and her attitude when facing difficulties is inspiring.

Guo Xiangge, 13, was born in a small village in Linyi county in Yuncheng, and has had brain damage since birth, making her unable to control her limbs, or talk properly.

Although she was never formally educated at school, she asked her friend to teach her Pinyin during the summer vacations, and her seven home-made dictionaries became completely dog-eared.


Guo has worked hard at learning Pinyin. (Image:

In 2007, Guo’s brother brought a computer home, and the inquisitive girl was really interested in it. But how to use it?

Guo came up with an idea of using her nose to type, and her chin to scroll on the touchpad.

Last year, she decided to start her own online shop selling apples grown by her family. They share out the work and help each another. Guo takes care of the sales online, while her family packs and ships the apples, according to

Despite her young age and disability, Guo is not afraid of facing difficulty, and feels happy to have a family that loves her so much.


Guo watching her mom packing apples. (Image:


Despite her disability, Guo enjoys life. (Image:

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