Is This a Divine Eye Watching Us From the Sky in China?

What is this celestial scene telling us? (Image:
What is this celestial scene telling us? (Image:

Special scenes have been showing up frequently in the sky lately. Is someone up there trying to tell us something?

A strange hole that looked like a giant eye appeared over the sky in Shenzhen early on Jan. 19. The scene was captured by bloggers in Zhuhai and Hong Kong as well.

Turns out that this phenomenon is known as a “hole-punch cloud.”


A cloud hole appeared over the sky in Zhuhai, China. (Image:

Bloggers compared it to the wormhole in the movie Interstellar. Some said it was like a time tunnel, while others were concerned that this wide-open “divine eye” might mean a disaster is on its way.

According to scientists, these fallstreak holes form when the water in that part of the cloud freezes, leaving behind an empty space.

However, metaphysician Qu Zhongde told Apple Daily that the emergence of a cloud hole with a light shining through it as a lucky omen because: “Cloud represents water, while sun represents fire. When water and fire reconcile, it means there will be fewer conflicts in the coming year.”

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