What Are the Perks of Being Straightforward?

Many people constantly beat around the bush when dealing with others, never saying what they mean, so you don’t really know what they think.

Other people, however, are straightforward, they’re straight shooters, and they mean exactly what they say.

This can sometimes be very confronting. When someone asks: “What do you think,” they usually don’t truly want to know what you really think, they just want you to agree with them. But people who are straightforward don’t concern themselves with pleasing others, as they will tell you exactly what they think, whether you really want to hear it or not.

At least you can trust such people, as you know they are honest and forthright, unlike sycophants who merely suck up to people to get on their good side.

I’d rather have friends who are straightforward any day.

Well, in this video, you’lll find out what the perks of being straightforward are—as well as some of the pitfalls.

But without such people, how would we get anything meaningful done?

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